Irish Accountants Home specifically caters for all your Irish accountancy needs, whether as a company or an individual.


The range of tax and financial benefits available in Ireland allows companies to take advantage of tax deductions, reduce tax liability, and maximise profits.

Our experience of establishing companies in Ireland and throughout Europe has made us minutely familiar with Irish tax legislation and consequently expertly placed to help your company profit from these benefits and avail of Ireland's low corporate tax rate of 12.5% (0% for new companies who employ staff up to 2015!)

We can manage the specifics for you and your company. By establishing tailor made services we will ensure that your relevant tax filings and accounts are correctly submitted to avoid incurring any penalties or fines

Resolving your accountancy issues is our number one commitment, no matter how large or small, and using our experience and expertise we can efficiently manage all the accountancy requirements of your company.